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Downloading and Installing the DANA-WH Client

To install the DANA-WH client application, one must download version 1.4 of Sun Microsystems’ Java Runtime Environment (JRE) software. This software download can be accessed from the DANA-WH Web site ( or the ATL Web page ( During the initial JRE setup, Sun’s new Java Web Start (JWS) will be installed on the user’s computer as well. JWS allows DANA-WH users to run the network’s client software from their desktop without the aid of a standard web-browser. Once the JWS installation is complete, the user may access the DANA- WH client software by returning to the DANA-WH website and selecting the “Launch Application” hyperlink. The user is only required to return to the web site once after installation in order to launch the application. Every other time after the first, the user may launch the application by clicking the applications icon now found on the user’s computer desktop environment. If a user wishes to access the 3D model interface, he/she must additionally download and install the latest Java3D JRE. A link to this software download is available from either the ATL or DANA-WH websites. An installation tutorial is available on both web sites.

For more information, download the Using Dana pdf.

Last Updated:
June 2, 2004
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