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Here you will find links to plug-ins needed to view media content displayed through the DANA-WH java clients, or found through the DANA-WH web site. If you have trouble locating any plug-ins for media on this site, please notify technical support. We will attempt to find the plug-in and add a link to its download site.

System Requirements: Pentium 166-MHz or faster processor At least 64Mb of physical RAM is required to run GUI applications. At least a 56k modem Internet connection is also required for software installation and database connetion.

System Recommended: Pentium III or faster, 128 Mb of physical RAM, 32Mb of video RAM, and a LAN/Broadband Internet connection.

Step One: Install Java 2 (JRE 1.4) - The DANA client software requires that you have the Java Runtime Environment version 1.3 or higher installed on your computer.

The DANA client software runs through the Java Web Start (JWS) software delivery system. By using JWS the ATL is able to provide quick internet updates to the software each time you use DANA. JWS is part of the Java JRE installation.
Install Java2 (JRE 1.4)

Step Two: Install Java3D - The DANA client is capable of delivering and displaying accurate three-dimensional models of fossils and artifacts. The 3D viewer module of DANA is optional, but to take advantage of this capability you must install the Java3D libraries appropriate for your system.
Install Java3D

Step Three: Approve Digital Security Certificate - The NDSU Archaeology Technologies Lab has digitally signed the DANA application so thatsecurity it will operate securely over the internet. Because of this, the first time you attempt to start the DANA software you will be asked to allow DANA to securely access your computer. You must answer Yes (start) to the security question otherwise the DANA software will not start up. After using DANA, JWS will place a quick launch icon on your desktop so that you no longer need to visit the website in order to run the software. If you have not correctly followed steps 1-3, the DANA application will not run properly.

Launching DANA: Be sure that you have completed installation before launching DANA.
Launch DANA Application

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Aug 30, 2004
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